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Curtains are available in a vast array of styles, including, Velvet, Blackouts, Jacquard, tapestry, voiles and many more. Blackout curtains offer 2 main benefits, firstly they block out the sunlight (if they are 260 GSM like ours they are 100% blackout) many others offering blackout curtains tend to label them as the light reducing as they do not necessarily completely block out the light. The second benefit is the ability of them to become thermal insulators keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, perfect for all weather conditions. 

Velvet curtains are becoming extremely popular as more and more households fancy the contemporary shimmer curtains which provide a beautiful drape as well as providing insulation. Our velvet curtains come in a fabulous color collection, including Ivory, Taupe, Black and Purple 

When measuring curtains be sure to measure from your curtain rail/pole to the point at which you would like them to hang. Be sure to recognize that if the size of the curtain states 46” x 54” that the unit of measurement in inches. When a pack of curtains is labeled as 46×54 this refers to each panel within the pair will measure this length approximately. Therefore a pair of curtains in 46×54 would be around 92 inches when closed.


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