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Lighting is an important factor in any room in your home. Not only does lighting enable you to perform certain tasks much better in your home, but it also provides you with a comfortable and safer environment. Every room in your home, however, will require its own personal lighting touch. Therefore it is vital to ensure that you consider your surroundings when purchasing lighting. For example, it is highly unlikely that you would put a Lights and Linen Tuscany Chandelier in your Garage or Bathroom, for a start they are not designed for places which are surrounded with water such as baths and showers (we would advise spotlights for such areas). However, you would consider a chandelier in a hallway, lounge or bedroom.


Lighting is a key decorative element for any home. If you have images or pictures on the wall, you may consider how bright you may want your lighting to be to ensure that much of the focus remains on the wonderful décor in your home. 

When purchasing always remember Sizes. Sizes of items are often forgotten and therefore buying the wrong floor lamp for a small lounge, may give the whole room a quite daunting feeling, as it would become the focal point for you or your guests. Lights are there to provide ambience and security, a beautiful lamp will always get noticed, but a well-lit room will always provide a much warmer atmosphere.