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Rosa Satin Nickel Table Lamp on a Candlestick Design with a Natural Linen Lampshade

Rosa Satin Nickel Table Lamp on a Candlestick Design with a Natural Linen Lampshade

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Rosa Table Lamp: Contemporary Elegance in Satin Nickel Finish with Natural Linen Lamp Shade

Description: Embrace the timeless allure of the Rosa Table Lamp, a contemporary reinterpretation of classic elegance. Featuring a captivating combination of a satin nickel finish and a natural linen lampshade, this lamp effortlessly elevates any living space with its modern aesthetic and warm ambiance.

The focal point of the Rosa Table Lamp is its ribbed-style base and stem, reminiscent of a classic candlestick design. This unique detailing adds texture and visual interest, infusing the lamp with character and charm. The satin nickel finish exudes sophistication, creating a striking contrast against the soft, neutral hue of the linen lampshade.

Standing at a total height of approximately 50cm, the Rosa Table Lamp commands attention without overpowering its surroundings. The generous width of the shade, measuring approximately 30cm, ensures ample illumination while maintaining a balanced proportion with the base.

Ideal for any home or living space, the Rosa Table Lamp seamlessly blends into various interior settings, from modern to traditional. Its warm features and understated elegance make it a versatile addition to bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and more. Whether used as a bedside lamp for cozy reading nooks or as a stylish accent piece in a contemporary living room, this lamp adds a touch of refinement to any room it graces.
Illuminate your home with sophistication and style with the Rosa Table Lamp. Its contemporary design, quality craftsmanship, and inviting glow make it a must-have accessory for discerning homeowners seeking both form and function. Bring warmth and elegance into your living space with the Rosa Table Lamp today.

Height of Lamp: 50cm Approx
Width of Shade 30 cm Approx

Bulb to use (not included) B22 10W LED Max

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